20 May 2009

Bishop Artemije Withholds Blessing For Biden's Visit to Decani

May 20, 2009.

Source: Diocese of Ras-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija


First Tadiæ, now Biden

The American Vice President Joseph Biden is planning to visit Monastery Deèani on May 21, 2009, as reported by the US Embassy in Priština.

His Grace Artemije, Ruling Bishop of the Diocese of Ras and Prizren, has decided not to give his permission for this visit to take place.

The American Vice President comes to visit Kosovo as an independent state and so confirm the forcible separation of a part of the territory of the sovereign state of Serbia and handing it over to Albanian terrorists, who have committed with impunity numberless crimes against the Serbian people, Serbian property and Serbian religious and cultural heritage.

By doing so, does Joseph Biden wish to confirm also that Monastery Deèani in Kosovo-Metohija is an American base like Bondsteel?

Unfortunately, under its present administration Monastery Deèani has become known for activities detrimental to Serbian interests which have, in a sense, transformed it into a bastion of anti Serbian activities in Kosovo-Metohija, as is confirmed by this visit.

In order to put an end to, and refute, activities such as these on the part of Monastery Deèani, Bishop Artemije has adopted the decision mentioned above.

Press Department Diocese of Ras and Prizren

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02 May 2009

Sacred and Secular History of Kosovo Rewritten?

History books for Kosovo Serbs to be rewritten
Apr 28, 2009
Kosovo Serbs will soon be forced to learn history that is rewritten according to the so-called Ahtisaari Plan which Serbia did not accept nor has that plan passed the UN Security Council.

The so-called ministry for education of the ethnic Albanian separatist government plans to re-examine history textbooks written in Serbian and come up with suggestion on how to rewrite them.

“The purpose, function and mandate of the commission has been foreseen by the Ahtisaari Plan. According to it, it is the task of the commission to review the educational program in Serbian language and to change it in line with the constitution of Kosovo,” said Enver Hodzaj who was placed in charge of the commission.

The so-called constitution of Kosovo believes that they are an independent sovereign country while the separatist ethnic Albanian government has widely disseminated historical myths that Albanians are allegedly the original Illyrian inhabitants while Serbs, whom separatists consider to be intruders, have allegedly built their churches on top of the ancient Illyrian temples. Some ethnic Albanian separatists, on the other hand, believe that they allegedly predate even the Illyrians and believe that they are the descendants of Dardanians.

Hundreds of Serbian churches have been demolished by the ethnic Albanian separatists since 1999 while the province has been emptied out of ethnic Serbs.

EU representative in Kosovo, Pieter Feith said that people have a right to education in their own language and expressed support for the ethnic Albanian separatist commission to rewrite the history books for the Serbs.

“This allows the communities to develop and save their tradition as well as their history,” said Feith.

EU also supports the initiative to rewrite history for Serbs.

Members of the commission are Agim Hiseni, Nehat Mustafa, Armend Tahisuljaj, Ivan Cukalovic, Bratisav Zrzevic, Ljubisa Sipic and Kristoff Predier.

April 28, 2009

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