29 September 2009

Decani Monastery Threatened!!!

Kosovo Albanians threaten Serb monastery
Sep 28, 2009
A veteran of the Kosovo Albanian terrorist group, the KLA, has warned that his group will not be held responsible for vandalism that they may inflict on the thousands year old Dechani Monastery because, says the veteran Abdia Muskoljay, the church has allegedly usurped the property that belongs to the Albanians.

“The monastery is functioning normally, but our position that threats should not be tolerated,” said Father Sava of the Dechani monastery.

Visoki Dechani

He notes that the Italian NATO troops in the Kosovo province have taken Muskoljay’s threats seriously and strengthened the security around the Monastery.

Father Sava urged the international community to pressure the ethnic Albanian separatist government in Kosovo to put an end to the threats and violence of Albanian extremists.

Muskoljay wants that the Monastery end the construction of a wall near the monastery and that that the remains be demolished otherwise “the veterans of the KLA will not be held responsible for the escalation of the situation.”

On the web site www.albaniapress.com Muskoljay has accused the Monastery for usurping the Monastery’s land and that, Muskoljay says, the monastery’s property allegedly belongs to an ethnic Albanian called Haka Kuchi.

Father Sava said that such statements incite the spirit of hate and ethnic and religious intolerance.

Kosovo ethnic Albanians are nearly all Muslim and Afghanistan was the first country to recognize the illegal declaration of independence.

Father Sava says that the construction of the wall will continue once the EU mission convinces the separatist government to stop the threats of violence against the Monastery.

EU is in Serbia’s Kosovo province to provide law and order and some ethnic Albanian separatist groups have violently attacked the EU mission because of that.

September 28, 2009

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