27 July 2006

27th July 2006

Today I'm sharing with you from the Kosovo.net website--a very informative site of the atrocities sustained by the Serbian population, and often times where one can only get such information. The American Council for Kososvo is another good site.

KiM Info Newsletter 24-07-06

Memorial service for victims of
the "Harvest Massacre" in 1999

LIPLJAN, July 23, 2006 (Beta news agency, Belgrade)
A memorial service today in the center of Staro Gracko near Lipljan in the presence of relatives and citizens for the fourteen Serbian villagers who were killed on today's date seven years ago while in the field harvesting their crops.
Local priest Srdjan Milenkovic recalled the public promise made by then UNMIK chief Bernard Kouchner that "no stone would go unturned" to find the perpetrators of this crime, and he called on UNMIK and KFOR to finally live up to that promise.
The memorial service for the fourteen harvesters for Staro Gracko was not held at the local cemetery, located approximately one and a half kilometers from the village next to the Lipljan-Stimlje road, for security reasons.
Namely, while cleaning up the cemetery recently on the occasion of Memorial Saturday, locals found land mines there and since then they have heeded KFOR's warning not go to the cemetery, where several dozen gravestones have also been destroyed.

Names of the slain Serb harvesters in Staro Gracko on a memorial plate on the village school
Victims of Albanian terror during the harvest of July 1999

Bozidar D. Djekic (born 1947)
Stanimir M. Djekic (1955)
Radovan I. Zivic (1967)
Jovica I. Zivic (1970)
Mile Dj. Janicijevic (1957)
Momcilo Dj. Janicijevic (1946)
Novica M. Janicijevic (1981)
Slobodan C. Janicijevic (1965)
Milovan C. Jovanovic (1969)
Andrija M. Odalovic (1967)
Nikola V. Stojanovic (1936)
Miodrag M. Tepsic (1951)
Ljubisa D. Cvejic (1939)
Sasa J. Cvejic (1973)