18 July 2006

News Briefs: Prime Minister's Kostunica Editorial in Washington Post

18 July 2006

Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica visited the United States last week to discuss his country's plans to provide for the rights of the indigenous Serbian population in Kosovo. A brilliant plan which can be seen at the Serbian Government page http://www.srbija.sr.gov.yu , it guarantees Constitutional rights to all inhabitants of Serbia and the Kosovo-Metohija
province. Since Serbians had been brutally repressed in the region, economically, politically and religiously, it was necessary for the government to devise a plan that would put an end to five centuries of repression. This plan will insure that all inhabitants of the region will have access to jobs, to acquiring property, to practice their faith.

The United States and the United Nations want to support the Albanians bid for the independence of Kosovo-Motejiha. Albanians now have a 90% majority presence in the area out of approximately 2 million citizens. This was not always the case and has been acheived throughout the past five centuries by Muslims, both Serbian and Albanian Muslims in a effort to depopulate the area of Serbian Eastern Orthodox Christians.

At the conclusion of PM Kostunica's visit, his editorial appeared in the Washington Post. Here is a summary of the editorial and the link by which to read it in full.

Justice for Serbia

By Vojislav Kostunica

The demands for the independence of Kosovo present Southeast Europe and the rest of the world with a compelling question: Will absolute justice be made to yield to relative political interests -- and will authentic democratic values be sacrificed for a mere semblance of peace?

To view the entire article, go to http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn...r=emailarticle

this next article highlights the gravity of the situation in Kosovo.

Kosovo: Countdown to Serb Exodus
by Mr. Bozinovich
July 11th, 2006

Back in May, an internal UN document was leaked to the media in which the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is planning to help facilitate Kosovo Serb exodus in an event of a status decision. A UNHCR spokeswoman confirmed the existence of this internal report to Reuters saying that its reason is to “be ready to help a certain number of people who may be affected by a decision”. As the UNHCR spokeswoman did not specify which status decision will trigger Kosovo Serb exodus it follows then that any decision on Kosovo’s status will be a trigger that will initiate a Muslim Albanian pogrom of Kosovo Christians. Last week, villagers in Kosovo Serb enclaves have been visited....

Read the rest of this at: http://serbianna.com/blogs/bozinovich/