20 July 2006

What Kostunica is Not Saying

What Kostunica is Not Saying

Kostunica is not saying what is known
what is known is this
has been reserved for the Lord Most High.
Why are we twisting to the
whims of the enlightened ones?
chafting under their yoke

like speakeasy blue smokes
they demand we whisper His Name
and only where no one can see us
they protect privacy--this is understood
must we forget why
the sacrifice was made
when we stand in
the world's courtyard
like Jesus before Pilate?
must we hide the Pearl
and what it requires of us?
when do we say no to their demands?
If they saw the coming miracle
we know what they would do:
they would deny it; and this is
the freedom that they have chosen
not seeing the prison as it closes in
Behind the legal jargon
whose intention is this by? what is the intention?
we know only
too well.

Nonetheless, it is for God that you cannot take Kosovo-Metohija,
Serbia has been reserved for Him

This is what Kostunica doesn't say, but
what Tsar Lazar said centuries before.
copyrighted 2006