14 August 2006

Anniversary Of the Death of Young Children In Kosovo-Metohija

On Sunday, August 13, 2006, it will be three years since killers opened gunfire on a group of Serb children bathing in the Pec Bistrica river and killed Panta Dakic (age 10) and Ivan Jovovic (19), wounding Bogdan Bukumiric (15), Marko Bogicevic (15), Dragana Srbljak (14) and Djordje Ugrenovic (20).
A memorial service for the Serb boys who were killed will be served in the church in Gorazdevac. A graveside service for Ivan Jovovic will be held at the Upper Cemetery and for Panta Dakic at the Lower Cemetery where they are buried.
The church board has called on all Serbs who are able to attend the ceremony on Sunday to do so in memory of the Serb boys so that one of the most serious crimes in the province since the arrival of UNMIK and KFOR is not forgotten.
Gorazdevac is the largest Serb village in Metohija and home to about 1,200 Serbs.
The highest UNMIK officials promised three years ago "that no stone in Kosovo would be left unturned" to find those responsible for killing two Serb boys and wounding four other children, all Serbs. However, three years after this heinous crime the perpetrators have still not been brought to justice.