08 August 2006

Clandestine Support For the Albanians Challenged

Western-European and North-American governments in Latin American and elsewhere have used certain tactics to further their interests in a Region. Imperialism by any country is a sin of covetousness, and as history shows it gives little regard for the people, the working class- affected by such policies. In the United States these policies have been promulgated by Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Clinton and most recently Bush. The United States is not the only nation who has committed these crimes; every nation-state in the world has submitted to the passion of covetousness and have glorified it--however, there have been a few treaties through recent history that have addressed this issue, especially after WWI, WWII and other wars. Before WWI the most signicant Treaty was that made at Westphalia which guaranteed recognition of the sovereignty of states and their right to self determination which also recognized their territorial integrities. Westphalia has been selectively adhered to, but this treaty has been the headwaters of the principles found in the Helsinki Accords and the UN Charter.

In UN Resolution 1203 it is made explicitly clear that clandestine support and training of terrorist groups in Kosovo-Metohija by the Contact Group or other external organizations and governments is prohibited because such activity is deemed--rightfully so-- detrimental to a peaceful solution, to a solution made through the mechanisms of reaching a compromising consensus. The two articles below emphasize that this is not happening in Kosovo-Metohija, and the transparency by which it is not being complied with indicates a commitment of certain elements to acheive their interests in the region no matter what.

There is a unwritten policy of detente, perhaps one would call it realpolitik, that endorses the standard of the double standard. This is one of the governing policies of European and North American governments whereby things are said and other things are done. Britain's support of Tito over Mihailovic during WWII is one glaring example for which even the United States (in their support of Britain's policies concerning the region) have had to apologise for-according to Michael Lees in his book the Rape of Serbia. The concern is that the use of the double standard in peace making efforts, the idea that one can morally and ethically use these means as a way of policy implementation, even to insure peace, makes the public recording and the honest efforts of those who are trying to live within the noble principles of International Law a waste of time. In of itself it becomes a war tool of attrition, of trying to wear the other party down so that they will capitulate and give in to outside desires for imperialistic hegemony, in areas that fall outside of their rightful sphere of influence. This is the result of covetousness writ large in the soul of a nation, irrespective of sovereignty, self-determination and irrespective of boundary integrity.

Nonetheless, Serbia has a public, internationally well known and transparent historical record of its boundaries, of the effects of alien aggression on those boundaries, and their historic, noble efforts to regain their rightful property. Now Serbia is trying to maintain and hang on to what has been theirs for many centuries under just laws and inspite of the unjust laws of the occupiers of their country. The fact that the current occupiers are the descendents of those people who were compelled by circumstances and at the cruel direction of an aggressive colonizing force to forfeit their own inheritance really doesn't complicate the picture at all. The acts of treason whether through weakness or deliberate determination doesn't negate that an act of treason has occurred and in thsi case it was an act against the fatherland whereby a soul was reared and spiritually nurtured. The Serbian goverment has been more than magnanimous to these descendents who in adhering to a different set of of worldviews are set to destroy any vestige of their first heritage, the Orthodox Church and the culture that it incultated with the consent of the people for which it is the shephard.
The very idea that Kosovo Albanians are seeking independence and that there is support for this by some entities in the Contact Group--apparently by enacting the standard of the double standard--is an grave injustice not only in respect to the ethical code of the Bible which the United States professes to adhere to; but pointedly--in respect to standards of international law that encodes the attitudes and behaviours nation-states must adhere to when trying to uphold and make real the idea of the dignity of mankind. Theodore Roosevelt's motto of speaking softly while carrying a big stick has no place in the discussions concerning Kosovo-Metohija, whether done transparently or clandestinely.
International community must stop crimes against Kosovo Serbs
Belgrade, Aug 7, 2006 – Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said after the latest crime in Kosovo-Metohija that international community must no longer watch dumbly as Albanian separatists kill and terrorise Serbs in the province.
Vojislav KostunicaPerpetrators of the crime against 18-year-old Ljubisa Janackovic must be revealed immediately and those criminals must be brought to justice, said Kostunica speaking to agency Tanjug, adding that this is one more in a series of crimes against Kosovo Serbs. He noted that the Serbian government will attentively monitor whether the international community will investigate this as well as previous crimes in the shortest time. Kostunica said that in front of the eyes of the whole world Albanian separatists are constantly committing crimes and conducting terror, trying to achieve their goal, that is, an ethnically cleansed and independent Kosovo. International community must stop the crimes that happen every day, as it is obliged by the UN Security Council’s Resolution 1244 to provide elementary peace and security in the province, he said. To make things even worse, this is all happening at the same time while negotiations on the future Kosovo-Metohija status are being organised in Vienna, said Kostunica. On Friday, Aug 4, at around 7 pm, 18-year-old Ljubisa Janackovic was stabbed twice in the shoulder in the village of Priluzje near Vucitrn. The incident happened near the river Lab.

Serbian government demands attackers on Ljubisa Janackovic are revealed and arrested
Belgrade, Aug 8, 2006 – Director of the Serbian government’s Office of Media Relations Srdjan Djuric said today that the Serbian government demands that criminals who attacked Ljubisa Janackovic in the village of Priluzje near Vucitrn are revealed and arrested immediately, that their names are made public and that criminal charges are pressed against them.
Djuric told news agency FoNet that the Serbian government demanded from international community representatives a clear response – whether the attackers on Janackovic were revealed and arrested and whether criminal charges were pressed against them. As a rule, a day or two after Albanian separatists commit a crime against Serbs, there are unarticulated and unclear statements saying that the attacker has been identified. If everything remains just with unimportant statements that “the attacker was identified”, then it is a direct support to criminals against Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija, Djuric warned. He also pointed out that it is necessary to make sure that Albanian realise that to commit a crime is not a normal thing and that whoever commits a crime must be responsible for it.