29 August 2006

Kostunica States Importance of Clarification

Ahtisaari’s statement must be explained precisely
Belgrade, Aug 29, 2006 – Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said that it is of utmost importance to precisely and literally explain to the Serbian and international public the statement of UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Kosovo Marti Ahtisaari that he told the Serbian negotiating team in Vienna on August 8.
Kostunica told FoNet news agency that it is not difficult to remember Ahtisaari’s statement as it is more than clear and ideologically recognisable in its brutality. I shall quote Ahtisaari, “the Serbs as nation are to blame”. When you hear this statement, all stories and vagueness about some sort of narrower or wider context are unreasonable. The Serbian people has seen through the only context of this qualification, said the Serbian Prime Minister. He also said that the Serbian government and the whole negotiating team will take systematic and daily action so that all important international factors are presented with Ahtisaari’s grave prejudices about the Serbian people. "During the talks in Vienna on July 24, we did not hear a single argument in favour of Kosovo’s independence. This deadlock has yielded the first and so far only argument which Ahtisaari made public", said Kostunica. Kostunica also pointed out that in the upcoming period it will have to be clarified what Ahtisaari meant by saying that Serbs as a nation are guilty and that this statement is the foundation for Kosovo independence.According to Kostunica, it would be too hasty to say whether Serbia will or will not demand Ahtisaari's recall. "We will wait and see what Ahtisaari will do, as well as what results our diplomatic action will yield", said Kostunica.