27 August 2006

Serbian Negotiating Team Meets 28th-Ahtisaari Unavoidable Agenda Item

Negotiation team to meet tomorrow
27 August 2006 16:36 Source: B92
BELGRADE -- The Serbian team for Kosovo status negotiations will meet tomorrow in Belgrade.The meeting will be attended by Serbian President Boris Tadić, Prime Minister Vojislav Koštunica, Foreign Affairs Minister Vuk Drašković and the other members of the team.President of the Co-ordination Centre for Kosovo and Metohija Sanda Rašković-Ivić told B92 that one of the issues on the agenda of the meeting will be the incidents in Kosovo, but not just the latest one in Kosovska Mitrovica, but also all the others that have happened since negotiations began. Rašković-Ivić added that the meeting would also address the issue of decentralisation in Kosovo, the economy and the cultural heritage of the province.
Sandra Rašković-Ivić"However, an important topic of discussion will by all means be UN special envoy Marti Ahtisaari and his recent behaviour, not because we wanted him on our agenda, but rather because he asserted himself as an unavoidable topic. What he said deserves a serious analysis. Can he adequately perform his duty with the kind of attitude he has been displaying in public”, Rašković-Ivić explained. She added that it was up to the delegates to decide by majority vote whether the Serbian team would demand a reconsideration of Ahtisaari’s legitimacy as the chief international mediator in the Kosovo negotiations after his statement that Serbs were guilty as a nation. “The word mediator denominates a person who stands in the middle. Mr Ahtisaari has not been a middle-man for a long time and he has proven this with his last public statement. Naturally, this is a matter for discussion. Our final conclusion will be the opinion that prevails among the majority of citizens.” The President of the Coordination Centre for Kosovo and Metohija said the latest incident in Mitrovica was a terrorist act of low intensity. “If you have three incidents in one week at a time when the negotiations are culminating and entering a conclusive phase, we can freely speak of low intensity terrorism, but we can also say this is a message”, Rašković-Ivić concluded.
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