07 August 2006

St. Stefan Fresco stolen from 14th Century Church

14th century Kosovo church robbed

6 August 2006 Source:Beta
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OBILIĆ -- Unidentified persons broke into the church, robbing and desecrating it, in a Serb village of Babin Most near Obilić.The thieves broke in last night around midnight after smashing the windows on the back side of the church, which also houses the parochial home in its immediate surroundings. The St Stefan fresco was taken from the church along with 50 000 dinars in contributions, the priests’ habits and ritual objects, while some ten frescoes and icons were destroyed and found smashed on the floor.“I heard nothing. We noticed that the church was robbed about seven this morning”, father Stevan Marković said and added that the damage was difficult to assess. Kosovo police service was at the scene and started an investigation, but would not communicate any details. The Church of the Holy Mother of God (Presveta Bogorodica) was built in the 14th century and is one of the oldest Serb churches in central Kosovo.