09 August 2006

Status Important In Discussing Minority Rights

Minority rights to be discussed only within framework of negotiations on status
Belgrade/Vienna, Aug 8, 2006 – The Serbian negotiating team stated following the first round of talks on minority rights in Kosovo-Metohija that discussion on rights of communities in Kosovo-Metohija will be possible only within the framework of negotiations on status.
According to the written statement by the negotiating team, read by member of the team and advisor to the Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Simic, the Serbian negotiating team holds the opinion that only real negotiations can lead to compromise between Serbs and Kosovo Albanians, and rights of communities can be discussed only within the framework of talks on the future status of Kosovo-Metohija and the future political order in the province. It is natural that a nation cannot be a minority in its own country, because Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija have always seen themselves as an integral part of entire Serbia and continue to do so. The Serbian negotiating team is confident that direct negotiations can result in agreement and a compromise solution regarding the status of the southern province.

All those responsible for crimes against Serbs must be brought to justice
Belgrade, Aug 8, 2006 – The Serbian government stated today that Atif Dudakovic and other war criminals who committed crimes against Serbs must be arrested immediately and tried in a court of law.
Filmed material which proves beyond doubt that Dudakovic perpetrated war crimes should be enough for any state to initiate action by police and judicial organs. Authorities in Bosnia-Herzegovina should take action as soon as possible and bring these war criminals to justice, reads the statement by the Serbian government.