24 August 2006

Vuk Draskovic Response To Greater Albania

Serbian FM reacts to Albanian official's statement
August 24, 2006

BELGRADE - Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic reacted Tuesday to a statement by political advisor to the Albanian prime minister Koca Danaj that the PM has addressed a direct message to Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro that these countries, in their present borders, are not natural creations and that all Albanians now living in five states would be united within a "natural Albania" by 2013.
This statement reflects Albania's official strategy, Draskovic emphasized. It is logical that such a message should be conveyed through the PM's advisor. In case of a strong reaction in the region, Europe and the US, the statement would be qualified as Danaj's personal view. This is, however, not true, as the same view was expressed a few months ago by Albanian foreign minister too, Draskovic said. This is also an indirect message to Greece that it is not a natural creation either, he added.
Serbian Foreign Ministry does not want to doubt that Tirana will make its official stance clear timely and sincerely, Draskovic said. Draskovic said he would like to ask the Contact Group for Kosovo, the European Union, the US, NATO the UN Security Council and the UN Envoy for Kosovo status talks Martti Ahtisaari whether it is finally clear that destroying Serbia's territorial integrity by granting independence to Kosovo would directly lead to a Balkan drama of dangerous and unpredictable scope. Balkan stability can be secured above all by protecting existing state borders in the region, Draskovic said. What officials in Tirana do not, or do not wish to understand is that Albania would be the ultimate victim of the unreasonable and dangerous project of Kosovo independence, Draskovic said.