04 September 2006

Ahtisaari Makes Provocative Statements

Ahtisaari must explain new accusation
Belgrade, Sept 2, 2006 – Head of the Serbian government’s Office of Media Relations Srdjan Djuric said last night that it was expected that UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Kosovo-Metohija Marti Ahtisaari will offer a public apology instead he has made a new and serious accusation that “Serbia is brandishing weapons”.
In a statement to the news agency Tanjug Djuric said it is very important that the international mediator explains and says in which manner Serbia is brandishing weapons.Does our demand that Ahtisaari apologise to us because of serious insults he directed towards us mean to him that Serbia is brandishing weapons or does he think brandishing implies something else, said Djuric. He stressed that it is important Ahtisaari explains what his newest accusation means.He recalled that earlier in Vienna Ahtisaari took the position that Serbs are guilty as a nation and now he is expressing his regret over, what he considers Belgrade’s exaggerated interpretation of his statement, with which he has stigmatised the entire Serbian nation.According to Djuric, the government is firmly convinced that Ahtisaari should have found the strength and dignity to make a clear public apology.Djuric added that at the same time it is impossible not to notice that Ahtisaari has not spoken a single word to condemn the terrorist attack in Kosovo-Metohija which took place directly after his first accusation, and that attack did not qualify to be termed as brandishing weapons.