18 September 2006

Ahtisaari Wants To Suggest A Solution For Kosovo

Hua: Ahtisaari already working on proposal
18 September 2006 10:20 -> 16:37 Source: B92, Beta
VIENNA, HILANDAR -- Martti Ahtisaari has been instructed by the Contact Group to start work on the Kosovo final status proposal.
UN Special Envoy’s spokeswoman Hua Jiang told Beta in a phone interview that the Contact Group has “in one of the recent meetings already instructed Ahtisaari to start work on the Kosovo status proposal”.Hua would not specify which meeting she had in mind. NATO foreign ministers, Contact Group and the UN Security Council will discuss the future Kosovo status this week. All the meetings will be held in New York, during the UN General Assembly session, to be attended by Serbian President Boris Tadić and Foreign Minister Vuk Drašković. Russian ambassador to Serbia Alexandar Alexeyev said Russia will “confirm its position” on Kosovo status at the forthcoming Contact Group and UN Security Council meetings. “We wish to confirm our position in these meetings, in line with international law and the principles of European stability”, Alexeyev told Beta. Earlier, Financial Times reported Russian President Vladimir Putin as saying Russia does not rule out using its veto powers at the UN Security Council in case a Kosovo independence resolution was put up for a vote. Reuters reports that UN chief negotiation Martti Ahtisaari will seek to modify the way in which negotiations have been conducted so far. He will also ask for a green light to suggest the final status solution himself. 15 to 20 million, 6 to 7 years