10 September 2006

Popovic Suggest Former Serbian Workers Return to KEK

Serbia comes up with new proposal to solve energy crisis in Kosovo-Metohija
Belgrade, Sept 7, 2006 – Head of the Serbian government’s economic team for Kosovo-Metohija and south of Serbia Nenad Popovic said that with a view of solving the energy crisis in Kosovo-Metohija it will officially request that UNMIK allow Serbian experts to join the management of the Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK).
Popovic stressed that he will propose a mixed team of experts which will include Serbs who worked for the Kosovo energy company prior to 1999 and who are familiar with the situation in the Kosovo energy sector. Serbian experts must form part of KEK's management because they know every metre of the electrical network and every square metre of the open-pit mines and thermoelectric power plants of Kosovo A and B, the head of the Economic team pointed out. It has become clear to everyone that inadequate capacities are not the only reason for the energy crisis in the province, but poor management as well, which is confirmed by resignations of KEK chief executive officers John Ashley and Sean McGoldrick, he said. Popovic expressed hope that this, third consecutive initiative of the Economic team for the resolution of the electrical crisis in Serbia's southern province will be accepted.