09 October 2006

Letters To The Editor in Manila: "Stealing Is Wrong"

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

On emancipating Kosovo:Stealing Is Wrong
WHAT a strange picture Mr. Mallonga paints of Kosovo. Perhaps the reason for this is the distance from the Philippines to Europe. The ruins he mentions are of Christian churches and monasteries dating from the 14th century, which the Albanians now use as car parks and urinals. The ethnic cleansing is of all other minorities by the Albanians who are aiming for a pure Albanian state. Kosovo and Metohija are Serbia’s Jerusalem and for this reason it will never be Albanian no matter how much Mr. Mallonga wishes for it to be taken from Serbia. We teach our children that stealing is wrong. Stealing Kosovo and Metohija from Serbia would be the wrong thing to do and the world would pay dearly for the creation of a rogue, failed state.
B. Perry London