06 October 2006

Never Will Kosovo-Metohija be Usurped

Serbia will never accept
usurpation of its territory
Belgrade, Oct 5, 2006 - Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica called on Serbian citizens today to go to the referendum in great numbers and vote for the new constitution, thus giving legal grounds to their state and affirming that Kosovo will forever be part of Serbia.

Kostunica told the Tanjug news agency that this year October 5 coincides with the efforts of the entire country to achieve a great state and national goal, and that is to get a new constitution of Serbia. Kostunica said that it is very important that citizens support the new constitution because that would show to everyone that Serbia confirms with its internal law the highest principles of international law, first of all the principle of inviolability of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the existing states. To put it simply, Serbia will never accept the usurpation of its territory, the Serbian Prime Minister said. He called on everyone who thinks differently to listen well to what the people will say at the referendum and added that they can be sure that the voice of the people will be the law for this and every other government of Serbia.Kostunica stressed that both the government and the citizens of Serbia highly praise the support we receive now when we fight the decisive battle to keep Kosovo-Metohija. We will not forget the support we receive from our friends around the world. When I say this, I refer to almost daily support we receive from Russia and its president Putin, the principled support from China, as well as the support expressed by neighbouring countries and countries in the region, Kostunica said. That support is especially important because it is based on the firm respect for the principles of international law and order and the respect for justice and democratic values, the Prime Minister concluded.