21 November 2006

U.S. Ambassador Polt Misguided Comments

During World War II, General Draza Mihhailovic and his chetniks, non-communist Serbian loyalists who sided with the Allies against the Nazis were betrayed by Winston Churchill, Harry S. Truman as the two threw their weight behind Serbia's Stalin backed Partisans. The head of the Serbian faction was Marshall Josip Broz Tito. After extermininating as many Serbs as he could, Tito further added insult to injury by declaring Kosovo-Metohija an autonomous province and allowing the enemies of the Serbian people to migrate and takeover lands. In this manner he continued policies and mechanisms put in place by the Ottoman empire to subjugate and spiritually exhaust the Serbian peoples. Although Ambassadors are supposed to be well versed in the histories of the countries they served, Mr. Polt has demonstrated a disturbingly myopic and distorted view of events leading to the excesses of the Milosevic regime. Just as the John Brown uprisings which occurred in the United States just before the civil war were a reaction to oppression, there was and in Serbia continues to be a legacy of injustice that the Serbian people have endured, first under the Ottoman empire, then under the communist and now under the nefarious economic and political machinary of the western powers. The west seems to be scared to death to suddenly wake up and find that the Russia and her allies are in command of a great deal of the natural resources that keep the entire world going. Instead of adjusting to the new reality, instead of working as a good neighbour, the West has chosen to carry its philosophy of domination of markets for its own needs no matter what the costs to others to an extreme position, which is now playing out over the attempt to further Tito's spiteful work and create an independent Kosovo-Metohija. Just before the civil war, the slaves were involved in various violent protests against their inhuman existence, and there were excesses. The John Brown uprisings are a case in point. However, the United States, for economic, political, social and perhaps for spiritual reasons realised that the country could not continue as one that promoted equality and liberty and freedom for all while it was dependent on a slave society. The little acts of rebellion only made this more clear. But in Serbia, the acts of rebellion against inhumane treatment is used to accuse and malign a whole race of people, minimizing the oppressions and sacrifices they have endured for over 800 years. Through the mouth of Mr. Polt, America is revealing itself to be the biggest, greediest hypocrite on the entire earth. They are the modern Ninevah, that the world is beginning to cry out against to God "Who has not suffered under her hand?!"
BELGRADE -- Michael Polt said that the status proposal will be given to both Belgrade and Priština several days after the elections.
(FoNet)The US ambassador to Belgrade told Radio B92 that Belgrade and Priština would play critical roles in the process of finding a Kosovo status solution, which means that the two sides would be responsible for the implementation of all agreements reached.The international community would play a central role; its responsibility would be to offer security and political presence in Kosovo. Polt said that Kosovo is high on the list of America’s priorities in Europe. He also confirmed the Contact Group’s stance that the Kosovo status proposal will be revealed as soon as the parliamentary elections in Serbia are held. “After the postponement, this means right after the elections, several days, a week or two, but soon after the elections, the two sides will be presented with Mr. Ahtisaari’s proposal. After that we wish to quickly continue towards the completion of the process.” Polt said. Polt also said that the preservation of territorial integrity is not a central question in the Kosovo discussions. “Should we protect the territorial integrity of every regime that chooses to kill its own citizens?” Polt asked, adding that it is in the international community’s best interest to offer everyone the same rights. “Belgrade will have to live with the results of the Kosovo agreement, as will Priština. Both sides can choose to continue resistance against it, fight against it and live in constant animosity towards such an agreement. If Belgrade rejects the reached agreement for Kosovo and says that they will resist it, I would like to know if the people of Serbia really want that kind of a future.” Polt explained. The US ambassador said that the possibility for violence breaking out in Kosovo still exists, but that it will not be tolerated. “A violent past exists in Kosovo and we cannot forget who started that past violence in the 1990s. It was the Milošević regime.” Polt said. “And of course there could be violence as a result of the agreement. I think that it would be a great mistake for whatever groups starts the violence, because it will not be tolerated by the international community.” he said.