29 January 2007

Ahtisaari Won't Wait Until Government Is Formed

No one to meet Ahtisaari”

29 January 2007 12:41 -> 13:12 Source: B92

BELGRADE -- DSS official Miloš Aligrudić says Martti Ahtisaari’s visit to Serbia is premature, as the new government has yet to be formed.According to the Constitution, the Government of Serbia, whose current composition is still pending, is "the sole state body entitled to run foreign policy", Aligrudić pointed out in regards to Ahtisaari’s plans to set a time limit after he has presented his proposal to Belgrade and Priština.“The main issue in question is whether the Government, the sole state body entitled to run foreign policy, can accept the proposal and give its opinion within the timeframe that Martti Ahtisaari may set", Aligrudić said. The new Government is not yet formed, and for the outgoing Government, "to take on that task would be irresponsible in my opinion", he continued. "In that sense, I believe that there is no need to rush things, having in mind the Constitutional time limits for the creation of a new government". “The caretaker government does not have the capacity to deal with foreign affairs, which is beneficial to Prime Minister Koštunica and Serbia for that matter”, Aligrudić said. He added that the Belgrade negotiating team’s legitimacy stems from the Government, leaving its current authority in question. “Martti Ahtisaari must realize that three or four weeks is not too much to wait”, he concluded.