31 January 2007


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Russia, China voice similar positions on search for Kosovo compromise, InterfaxJanuary 31, 2007 on 5:29 am

BEIJING. Jan 31 (Interfax-China) - Russia and China have stated that they have similar positions on the situation surrounding Kosovo, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov said.
“The Russian and Chinese positions coincide in that we advocate a search for a compromise in the talks,” the Russian diplomat said after consultations with Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Zhang Yesui.
“This decision must not be locked in any time frames, if a solution is to be found that would strengthen peace and stability in the Balkans and in a wider context,” he said.
Russia has said on many occasions, said Titov, that the method to be chosen in settling the Kosovo problem “will be of serious importance and will be projected to other regions and international situations.”
The first ever attempt is being made to detach a part from an integral state, not an independent entity from a federative state, the Russian diplomat said.
“If the separation takes place without the state’s consent a very negative precedent will be created for other international situations,” he said.
Titov also announced that the UN secretary general’s special envoy Marti Ahtisaari was expected to inform Belgrade and Pristina of the proposals on ways to settle the situation.
“Further developments will depend on the reaction to these proposals by the parties concerned. We’ve always wanted these proposals to facilitate the negotiations,” he added.
During the consultations the parties “exchanged views on the situation in Europe as a whole and on various international organizations’ activities in Europe,” he said.