19 January 2007

Pre Election Silence Begins

Blessing of the Waters On Theophany

Dear Interested Persons:

Holy Serbia is voting once again, this time for its leaders. These leaders will be charged with protecting the Faith and the new Constitution. Let us all humbly pray for our brethren, that God will continue to guide them and support them. Isn't it so sweet that they are voting during the season of Theophany, and the Blessing of the Waters? All over Serbia now houses are being blessed by pious Priests. Glory to God!!!

About victory over the world

St. Nikoli Velimirovic

"In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world" (St. John 16:33).
The Only One and the Unique One, the Conqueror of the World, with these words, teaches His followers not to be afraid of the world.
Indeed, the world appears very strong; however, is not the One Who created the world, stronger than the world?
The world is very frightening for him who does not know that God rules the world and that He has the authority to hold it in existence as long as He wills and to return it into non-existence whenever He wills. But, to him who knows that, the world is not frightening.
Compared to Christ the Lord, this world is as a fabric woven of weakness itself; while in Christ the Lord, there is not a single weakness. To him who does not know that, the world is frightening and he who knows that, has no fear of the world.
The world has loaned us a body and because of that it wants to acquire our soul. How can the world overpower us if we stand as soldiers of the Conqueror of the world?
The Conqueror of the World gives us weapons for the battle. By His example, He teaches us how to fight it, reveals the hidden enemy, shows us the path of attack and retreat, holds us with His hand, protects us under His wing, feeds us by His Life-giving Body and more, He encourages us by shouting: "Take courage!" Brethren, what then can the world do when its defeat is sealed with the victory of Christ?
O Lord, the Conqueror of the World and our victorious commander, be close to us always that we may not become frightened and direct us, that we may always be close to You in heart, mind and soul.
To You be glory and thanks always. Amen.

Pre-election silence begins

Belgrade, Jan 19, 2007 – Pre-election silence before parliamentary elections began on January 18 at midnight, and will last until the polling stations are closed on January 21 at 8 pm.
According to the Law on electing parliament members, 48 hours before the day of elections and during the day elections are held until the closing of polling stations, party advertising through the media, public gatherings and announcing any evaluation of possible election results is banned. Polling stations will open on January 21 at 7 am, and will close at 8 pm.The number of eligible voters at these parliamentary elections is 6,652,105, which is some 14,000 more than at the referendum held on October 28 and 29, says the Serbian Electoral Commission (RIK).The Commission has announced that 31,370 voters will be able to cast their votes abroad in 58 polling stations. In penal institutions 7,082 voters will be able to participate in the voting. A total of 20 parties are taking part in the elections, including six minority ones.