25 January 2007

Serbia's Wrong Way is the Right Way-Commentary by FirstPost of UK

Serbia votes ‘the wrong way’

The West will ignore the millions of Serbs who voted against Nato and the EU

Those silly old Serbs. Don't they understand that 'democracy' doesn't mean voting for any party you like, but for the party to whom the 'international community' has given its approval?
Instead of supporting the pro-Nato, neo-liberal Democratic Party so beloved of the European Union and the US State Department, the Serbs have gone and voted, in their millions, for the anti-Nato, eurosceptic Radicals, whose 29 per cent of the vote makes them the largest single party in the new Parliament.
The international community tried all it could to get the Serbs to vote 'the right way', even to the extent of Tony Blair writing to national newspapers advising people to vote "in a way that will help realise a positive vision of Serbia's future in Europe".
Now, faced with an embarrassing rejection of their advice, the apostles of democracy are
set to do what they did when faced with other undesirable expressions of the people's will in Palestine and Belarus. Ignore it.
The EU's (unelected) foreign policy chief Javier Solano has called for the "speedy" formation of a pro-Western government "that will be in line with the European Union".
The Dutch Foreign Minister Ben Bot congratulated Boris Tadic (left), leader of the Democratic Party. "The fact that Mr Tadic doubled his position in parliament is very significant because it means the Serbian people are interested in a pro-European course," he said - conveniently ignoring the fact that 77 per cent of Serbs who voted did not vote for Tadic.
The message from the international community could not be clearer: Serbia must form a government without the Radicals, or face a new era of isolation. In other words, in the name of 'democracy', the country's most popular party must never be allowed to hold power. Just how democratic is that?
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