29 January 2008

Please Americans, Let's Stop Bickering Amongst Ourselves

I wrote this in response to a discussion on a listserv but thought it appropriate to list here as well: After REAding This I Beg All American Orthodox to Sign Petition No Independence For Serbia. Thank you.
Dear ListServ Members:

In a few days there will be an election in Serbia between two men, and not one of them is Serbia's PM Kostunica's choice, Velimir Ilic. After this election, how soon after, I suppose will depend on who wins, there will be a declaration of independence of Kosovo by PM Thaci of the renegade Kosovo parliament in Pristina, Kosovo, Serbia. This declaration will be supported by the United States, Germany, France and other E.U. members and opposed by Russia, China (who just gave a little boost to our bank/investing infrastructure in return for more manufacturing jobs for its people at slave labour prices, further eroding fair competition between nation states), and a few staunchly Orthodox countries who have not forgotten their purpose on this earth, nor who their God is. (Blessed are the nations who have God as their Lord).

While we are bickering about a candidate who will most likely, (not one hundred percent sure, because he is allies with Governor R. Blagojevich who is Serbian Orthodox)-if he becomes president, may continue the hostilities against Serbia and Russia by the United States government or may seek to right the wrongs perpretrated on Serbia and the slavic countries. Somehow, I don't think Obama will do that. I don't know what to make of the Governor, because I don't know what the Governor's stance on Kosovo is, and/or whether he could be influenced to use his association with Obama, if he wins, to make just decisions about Kosovo pending illegal independence. Serbia said that it will pursue all legal means at its disposal to offset any declaration of independence. Russia supports her. This sets us up for a potential state of hostilities that can lead to war, between Russia and her allies, and the United States and its allies. This will have huge ramifications for the Faithful in this land, as we will have to make a choice about our national and spiritual loyalties at that time.

We know that if Russia and the U.S are in a war while Bush is President and Clinton succeeds, she will continue the war against the Orthodox Faithful in support of the Muslim radical government of Pristina. We know that if she is elected, and there is no war started under Bush against Serbia/Russia, she will move to stop Serbia from keeping what is rightfully hers. The reason why Yeltsin removed his troops from Serbia in 1999 was because he did not want to start WWIII. This is the war that almost happened in 1999. The American General wanted to fight Russia, the British General told him, I'm not going to be responsible for WWIII. This is what we are looking at, please excuse me, but I am only a layman, a poor one at that.

The only candidate who has addressed the atrocities of what is going on in Serbia, (and not just Serbia) is Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

Ron Paul opposes abortion.
He opposes U.S. government expansionist foreign policy, that sells the jobs and freedoms of the United States citizen to the highest bidder. If I were a betting man, I would say that he opposes gay rights.
He opposes the North Atlantic Union Treaty. He opposes unbridled spending, but I'don't think he would be foolish enough to dismantle the (social infrastructures) that every country needs to operate on a day to day basis for the private, public and national good.

He supports many things that resonate with Orthodox Christian values. Íf elected not only will he honour Serbia's territorial integrity, but I think his election will also give some respite to our Church here in the U.S. ...because I sincerely believe that if war breaks out between U.S. and Russia, and it will be over Serbia, our Church here in the U.S. will be torn apart.

So please, stop bickering about Obama...it is such a waste of time---in a few days or weeks you will see that. We need to start preparing our Church bodies for what is most likely ahead of us in the very near future.

In Christ,