16 August 2008

Pray and Understand What is Really Happening Between Russia and Georgia--a war clandestinely provoked by U.S. and other Western interests

It seems that it is open season on President Medevev and Prime Minister Putin. Even Russians here are wanting to distance themselves from their former country. Everyday the newspapers denounce Russia's move to protect the citizens of Ossetia, who have made it very clear that they want to be with Russia.

The United States is actually using language such as the Russian's have trangressed the sovereignty of Georgia. Although I am just a plebian, I was raised never to trust the media, and that has always panned out. So here is my un-expert take on things, and it comes from the school of you don't need a weather man to know which way the wind is blowing.

What about the Sovereignty of Serbia? Bush uses the Sovereignty card it seems whenever it serves his purposes.

First of all President Michael Saakavashvili is a puppet of the United States, and the operations going on there on behalf of military and economic aid given to the Georgia have been too long tolerated by Russia, longer than actually necessary. The cowardly attack by Georgia, most likely with the backing of the United States--in my opinion, was timed to attempt to show Putin in his worse light. However, what shines forth with people with an Orthodox worldview, is a man who is undaunted in adversary and is able to act decisively and pro-actively. The might given his country by God he is able to use wisely. He is right to try and forestall the U.S. and other Western Countries from trying to isolate his country and bring it to ruin so that they can rape it again as they did when the Russian Oligarchs sold out to Western corporations at the expense of their peoples.

Here in the U.S., Certain people are trying to smear his name by saying that he is being uncivil to monasteries in Georgia. I'm positive that when the Truth comes out we will see that these operatives will be eating crow, and the U.S. expression goes. And they will be expose as what they are: plants to sow dissent amongst the emerging Orthodox peoples of the former soviet republics. We must fight this attempt and pray for our Georgian and Russian brothers and sisters, that the Mother of God herself will intercede for them, their Churches, Monasteries and their Countries and that the Truth will come out. The arrogance of certain Western countries must be checked, whether they promulagate their ungodly acts through puppet intermediaries such as Saakavashvili, or more directly such as the acts against Kosovo through the democratic parties leaders such as Clinton and Albright.

Please don't be fooled by this latest round of propaganda. Instead work so that all the Orthodox Churches reach out to each other here and in the Balkans and in Russia to beg God to guide us through this latest crisis.

In Christ,