20 August 2008

WCC Involvement Makes Wary Faithful of Putin's Position

August 20, 2008
Russian and Serbian Church Needs To Leave the World Council of Churches and All Ecumenical Affiliations

There are calls from within the Orthodox Church to work with heretical organizations to safe guard the family and to fight against the rapid rate of degradation of Christian Morals that is afflicting Western Civilization.

When has ever the Church, whose head is Christ, the Allpowerful, need the help of heretical organizations to fight off that which has already been defeated by Christ? It all comes down to choice, whether we choose to heed these calls, or to stay true to our Faith. I believe that the best witness of the Orthodox Church to such calls and participations is to not be a participant, but to work in the traditional spheres troddened by the Holy Church Fathers of the True Ecumenical Councils to resolve these issues. We do not need to be participants in worldy organization with pseudo-spiritual claims, to solve worldy problems. Jesus Christ our Lord has already saved the World, it is for the participants of the world to accept this salvation and to surrender by sincere participation within the True Church to its salvific medicine, the sacraments of the Church, which heals the body politic as it heals the individuals. The Church has already done this, and it can do this again without the help of deceitful wolves singing siren songs to join them in their unholy war against the current decline into degradation.

Further more, I believe that the Moscow Patriarchate continued involvement with the WCC is actually making it very difficult for the Faithful, many whom are very aware of the propaganda that is spewing forth from the West to try and discredit the current leadership of Russia, to fully support Putin's and Medevev's actions in Georgia, which is not against the Georgian people at all, and especially not against the True Faith of Christ, but against the unlawful, unethical, encroachment of Western hegemony on the borders of what is naturally Russia's sphere of influence. A U.S. Military presence on the Borders of the Holy Russia, is unacceptable, and Putin has down the right thing to remove those bases and influences. He needs to do this, much in the same way that Constantine the Great protected the Church as directed by God Himself.

What does Western hegemony in the area of the Caucasus and the Balkans mean? What does it mean for the former soviet Bloc countries? It means exposure to a civilization that minimizes the importance of the Salvation of Mankind in pursuit of a life here on the Earth. It means exposure to a civilization that promotes a democracy that minimizes God's influence in all spheres of life, the private as well as the public: it is not just about money or capitilization. It is about infecting one civilization struggling to openly embrace the True Church with the diseases of another civilization simmering in the decay of its failed philosophies and economic excesses.

We are being forced to choose between the rewards here on earth and the rewards in heaven, not understanding that the roles of the leaders of Orthodox countries are to limit the influence of intentions of civilizations in the West and in the Middle East destroy the nascent re-emergence of Orthodoxy in the Caucasus and in the Balkans with their poisoness godless democratic ideals. Orthodox countries can make democracy work, but under the theology of an Orthodox perspective...and that is the only way that Democracy will work for Orthodox Christians.

Please don't be fooled by the propaganda.

In Christ,