26 August 2006

Albanian Argument Lacks Historical Integrity

26 August 2006

Historical Integrity is losing ground as the Albanians continue to act as aggressors in making their demands of independence. By legitimizing this with calls for an imposed solution, they resort to unlawful legal precedent to realise their ambitions. How can one understand Historical Integrity as it applies to the situation in Kosovo Metohia?

Currently the Albanians are making the argument that they must have independence because of Slobodan Milosevic and the crimes against humanity that were allegedly perpetrated against the Albanians by the Serbs. What is always left out of this discourse of justification is the fact that Serbians have been living as de facto and de jure second class citizens unable to freely obtain jobs, to get health care, to have access to education, and were inhibited in many areas from practicing their faith.
The international community always speaks of Albanian revenge against the Serbs. They selectively forget that the Serb uprising that proceeded acts of Albanian revenge was due to the Albanians active and current policy of forced displacement, as well as cultural, economic, social oppression of the indigenous Serbian population. The Albanian Muslims always seem to forget that their existence in the region is the result of an hostile invading force, and they continue to act within the vein of that legacy.
So while crimes committed by the regime of Milosevic allegedly occurred, the crimes seen in legitimate context is not a just argument for approving the separation of Kosovo-Metohija from Serbia. Thus, the comment I wish to make is based on the idea that a crime committed does not commute to other members when the original perpetrator ceases to exist. The new Serbia government operates under different ideas and values. They are, while being birthed of the circumstances of their past, a different entity. The crimes that were committed before they came into being died with the--unfortunately misguided--Slobodan Milosevic, and the regime that he represented-which also ceased to exist. If the Albanians want to insist on such an argument, then the Serbs have many centuries and documented reports of decades of recent atrocities to point to that were committed against their peoples by an aggressive invading force--The Ottoman Empire and the current Albanian Extremists. The Albanian Muslims are the result of forced conversions and are the remnants of that horrible era. They still enjoy plenty of support from successor states of the Ottoman Empire, allegedly, Iran and Syria.

Therefore insisting that the daughter pay for the crimes of the mother is a bad argument because it lacks historical integrity. The Albanians use it because it is emotive and subjected to quick accessible sound bites. They are using it to mis represent the true historical situation.They use it because the West wants to believe it as it legitimizes their unlawful presence in the region. Ahtisaari and Rueker, by their recent comments (see below) have exposed themselves as types of eparchs for Western interest who want to see an independent Kosovo-Metohija. In other words the truth is this: the International Community is willfully blinded because of their devotion to their idol laissez-faire capitalism, and their dedication to the liberalism of unrestrained greed. In my opinion, UNMIK's presence in the area is a cover of 21st American led western colonialism. Many people in America, whether they lean to the right or the left in political ideology say the situation over there is very complicated. If they would just open their eyes they would see that it's not complicated at all. It's just Greed having its day in the International Kangaroo Courts of the United Nations and their Tribunal the ICTY. Proving once again the malleability of international lawwhen it impedes the ever evolving mandate of humanistically driven capitalist values.

The United States at one time had standards of integrity which it publically stood by. Will the citizens of this country be able to help it re discover its ideological roots enshrined in the Constitution? Although we are suffering now due to economic infractions, we will suffer even more if we refuse to honour the sovereignty of lawful nation-states and interfere with their right to worship and conduct their affairs as law abiding members of the international community.