26 August 2006

Mitrosevic Cafe attended by Serbs Bombed by 16 year old

Bomb explosion in Kosovska Mitrovica
26 August 2006 20:02 -> 22:30 Source: Beta
KOSOVSKA MITROVICA -- Nine people were injured when a bomb exploded in Kosovska Mitrovica around 19:00 tonight.Beta agency named Adem Dibrani (16) from the southern end of the ethnically divided town as the perpetrator of the incident.Beta agency reports that the perpetrator has been put under arrest and the Kosovo Police Service has confirmed that a person suspected of throwing the explosive device at the café Dolce Vita is in custody, but declined to reveal his identity or ethnic background. Deputy Director of the Medical Centre in Kosovska Mitrovica Milan Ivanović told B92 that nine people with injuries from the blast were hospitalised tonight. He added that two people were discharged immediately after receiving first aid. “Seven people have been kept for further treatment. The injuries were inflicted by shrapnel and one of the injured is an international policeman from Great Britain. The other six are civilians, two of them young women. One Dutch child-bearing woman was also hurt”, Ivanović said. Prime Minister Vojislav Koštunica stated that “both the Albanian terrorists and representatives of the international community were equally to blame for tonight’s bomb attack on innocent Serbian citizens in Kosovska Mitrovica because since their daily actions were encouraging these kinds of incidents”. “Albanian separatists were quick to react to Ahtisaari’s statement that Serbs were guilty as a nation by tossing a bomb at innocent Serbian citizens in Kosovska Mitrovica”, said Koštunica’s communiqué to Beta news agency. “Although Ahtisaari has been entrusted with a mandate to ensure negotiations that will lead to a compromise, a historically just solution based on international legal norms, the UN special envoy seems to be acting in complete contrast to such a goal”, the Prime Minister added. The leader of the Serbian List for Kosovo and Metohija Oliver Ivanović was sitting in the cafe Dolce Vita when the bomb exploded. “This is horrible. I’m very upset. A man calmly approached the café and just threw the bomb. Anyone could have done it and the incident happened when a lot of young people were around”, Ivanović told B92. Ivanović added he was concerned about the feeble reaction by Kosovo Police Service and KFOR. UNMIK forces blocked access to the café and are currently investigating the scene. Several hundred citizens gathered in discontent and started off towards the bridge that was currently under a blockade. Jakšić: The attacker should stand trial before a Serbian courtMember of the Belgrade team for negotiations Marko Jakšić told Beta agency he would demand that the person who threw the bomb at the café in Kosovska Mitrovica tonight be handed over to Serbian police and should stand trial before a Serbian court. “We will also demand the bridge over the Ibar River that divides the two communities in Kosovska Mitrovica be closed down until the status of Kosovo and Metohija is resolved. As of tonight, self-organised citizens will keep watch at the bridge”, Jakšić announced. He added that the bomb attack in Kosovska Mitrovica demonstrated that the crime wave against Serbs has not come to an end. “This is more proof of the policy of double standards lead by the international community. Words do not mean anything anymore and we now demand that the international community finally start doing its job and protect those who are in danger, in this specific case the Serb community in Kosovo”, Jakšić said.