19 September 2006

Fourth Attack In As Many Days

This is the fourth bombing incident in as many days. My personal opinion is that the first three were attempts to implicate Serbia in an infraction. I believe that this most recent attempt is to try and scare the remaining Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija from remaining as Martti Ahtisaari prepares the first draft of his suggestion to the Security Council. One would be surprised, given his recent behaviour and his past, whether he will be able to suggest a fair resolution that would maintain Serbia's territory integrity.
But all believers should pray especially now as these days are going to be very decisive for Serbia and for those who support her, and for those who oppose her.

KiM Info Newsletter 20-09-06
Four Serbs wounded in bomb attack in Klina
KIM Info ServiceKlina, September 19, 2006

This evening at about 7:30 p.m. unknown attackers tossed an explosive device at the house of the Serb returnee family of Pavlovic in Klina.

International sources have confirmed the attack occurred to the KIM Info Service. Four Serbs were wounded in the attack, two men and two women. The wounded have been transferrred to the hospital in Pec for medical treatment.

Grenade lobbed at apartment of Pavlovic family
KLINA, September 19 (Tanjug)
Four members of the Pavlovic family were wounded this evening in a hand grenade explosion that an unknown person lobbed into their apartment in Klina, Serb sources from Kosovo and Metohija told Tanjug. The news has been unofficially confirmed by Kosovo police.
The wounded are Milorad Pavlovic, his wife Rada, his wife Jela and a cousin, Dragica Raicevic.They have been transferred to hospital in Pec and according to initial reports are not in life threatening danger.
The attack occurred at 7:30 p.m. The grenade was tossed through a window on the Pavlovic's terrace. An investigation is in progress. The Pavlovic family is one of approximately 10 returnee families in Klina. On June 19 Dragan Popovic, also a returnee, was murdered. The perpetrator of that murder was never found.