20 September 2006

Serbia Requests International Community Fulfill Its Mandated Duty

International community must immediately stop violence against Serbs in Kosovo
Belgrade, Sept 20, 2006 - Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica requested late yesterday on behalf of the Serbian government that UN Special Envoy for future status of Kosovo-Metohija Martti Ahtisaari take all necessary measures to restrain the continuous terrorist rampage of ethnic Albanian separatists against the Serbs.
I warn that it is absolutely unacceptable that Serbs are being killed and that ethnic Albanian separatists publicly threaten violence and blackmail the international community, Kostunica said on the occasion of the most recent attack against the Serbs – a bomb attack on the Klina apartment of the four-member Pavlovic family who are returnees. That is definitely terrorism and the separatists have presented it as the only argument in favor of the independent Kosovo before the entire world. The international community must immediately stop violence or on the contrary it will become an accomplice in the crimes against Serbs, the Serbian Prime Minister warned.