21 September 2006

Serbia Appreciates Russia's Support

Serbia appreciates Russia's support and advocacy for preservation of law, stability, peace

Belgrade, Sept 21, 2006 – Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said today that Serbia will know how to appreciate Russia's support in this historically decisive moment when Kosovo issue is to be solved, adding that Serbia should adopt a new constitution as soon as possible.
Photo: TanjugIn a statement to the Tanjug news agency, Kostunica stressed that Russia and its President Vladimir Putin are advocating that the principles of international law must be respected, that there can be no one-sided altering of borders of any sovereign state and that only a compromise solution to Kosovo issue, approved by both sides, can be accepted by the Security Council.He pointed out that Serbia will know how to appreciate and remember Russia's support and advocacy for the preservation of law, stability and peace.We must defend Kosovo-Metohija not only through international law, but also through Serbian legislation and that can be done if we adopt a new constitution, said the Serbian Prime Minister."I believe that all relevant political factors in the country will put the overall state and national interest above all individual issues and that we will promptly reach agreement on the constitution because otherwise we would be acting in the interest of those wishing to take Kosovo away from us", concluded Kostunica.