28 October 2006

Almost 20% Vote The First Day

17.81% of voters cast ballots on the first day of referendum
Belgrade, Oct 28, 2006 - The Serbian Electoral Commission stated this evening that 17.81% of the total number of registered voters in Serbia, which is 6,639,385 excluding Kosovo-Metohija, has gone to the referendum today by 8 pm to confirm the new Constitution of Serbia.

The Commission representatives said at a press conference that the highest turnout has been recorded in Belgrade - 21.01%, and the lowest in Vojvodina, where 14.65% of registered voters cast their ballots. The turnout in Central Serbia has been 18.95%, and in Novi Sad 19.12 %.Citizens have voted today at 8,385 polling stations in Serbia and 40 polling places in 24 countries.There are 18,093 Serbian citizens abroad who have the voting right. The voting has been wrapped up today in the United States of America and Canada, where due to time difference polling stations were opened on October 27 and 28. In Kosovo-Metohija, the voting process is taking place at 265 polling stations in five districts. The voting will be continued on Sunday, October 29, when polling stations in the country and abroad will again be opened from 7 am to 8 pm, except for London and Algiers where they will be opened from 6 am to 7 pm. The Constitution will be confirmed if 50% of the total number of voters plus one vote in its favour, which is at least 3,319,693 citizens.