29 October 2006

Nearly 50% Goes To The Polls by 6PM

47.03% of registered voters cast their ballots by 6 pm
Belgrade, Oct 29, 2006 – By 6 pm, 47.03% of registered voters in Serbia cast their ballots at the referendum for confirming the new Constitution of Serbia, data from the Serbian Electoral Commission say.
The highest turnout was registered in Central Serbia 47.42%, in Belgrade 46.67%, while in Vojvodina the number was 39%.According to Director of the Serbian Statistical Office Dragan Vukmirovic, a high turnout has been recorded in Kosovo-Metohija – in Kosovsko-pomoravski district 85.7%, in Pecki district 96%, in Kosovski district 74.8%, in Kosovsko-mitrovacki district 60.1% and in Prizrenski district 95%. The Commission stated that all citizens who happen to be at polling stations at 8 pm when the voting is closing, or in front of a polling station, will be allowed to cast their votes.