10 December 2007

Make Your Voice Count Today For Kosovo-Metohija

Today is a significant day in the history of Orthodox Christendom. We who are American Orthodox Christians, must shed our will ful ignorance of our countries misdeeds against our brethren.

We must ask how do we justify that our nation for the last 70 years have stood by while Orthodox Christians were being massacred, slaughtered, imprisoned and experimented on because they were Orthodox Christians. We must ask ourselves this as we learn that while the Turks and Muslims were slaughtering Orthodox Christians in Greece, in the Balkans, and while the Bolsheviks were slaughtering Orthodox Christians in Russia, while Stalin and the Nazis killed Christians and Jews in during WWII, while Muslims and Nazi's along with Roman Catholics, killed and massacred, yes, martyred Orthodox brethren in the Balkans we, the United States Government stood by and watched, and lifted nary a finger to help those who we professed a Christian unity with in Faith and Creed. Surely this is not the actions of someone who is exhorted by their God, our God, to lay down our lives for our brethren?

Today these sobering thoughts have a immediancy, that will mark every one of us who hide behind United States innocence and professed goodwill, even in the face of the many atrocities that this nation has committed in the name of manifest destiny, now called by the State Department Transformational Diplomacy.

It will have an immediancy for every American Orthodox who choose to believe in the "prophecies" of such men as Hal Lindsey, rather than understand that we today undeservedly, have witnessed the miracle of Orthodox Rulers in the World, and these, the defenders of the True Faith deserve our support as Orthodox. We must remember that our true nation is not of this world, and we must support those people who support true decency in human nature which can only be realised by our Faith.

We must understand that our country the US is among those trying to establish one world rule, and is trying to do away with the concept of nation states, first established in 1648 in Westphalia and preserved in the the Helsinki Final Accord and even in the United Nations. Once this is dismantled, we will see an unprecedented disregard of the rights to decency as taught us by our True Faith. Free Will and the Right of Consciouness of Nation States will be compromised--the the beginning of that compromised will be looked at on this day, as the beginning of the end, for internationally civility as practised these few hundred years, and which established the great powers toward an understanding at least of the concept of the national integrity and the right of sovereign rulership. The events in Kosovo and the Amercian Orthodox response to it, will make an indelible mark on world events, that will exacerbate instability to unprecedented proportions.

Even though today talks have failed concerning the status of Kosovo, and this was inevitable, and really a victory for Serbia for not caving in and accepting secession of her hallowed lands, we American Orthodox need to wake up from the propaganda that maligns our brethren, that our brethren even thoses who are demoralized and weak and who even speak evil about themselves, and we need to rise up to the occasion and write our congressmen about this issue, saying that we oppose senate bill 135, we oppose any recognition of independence of Kosovo. We oppose giving to the invading forces, the Wahabi Muslims, the Albanians, the sacred Christian land of Kosovo-Metohija.

Today you can not pride yourself on being a good American, if you allow your Orthodox Brethren to fall at the hands of the American Government. You must speak up in defense or be mark indelibly for now on.

Please sign petition at http://thepetitionsite.com/petition/905791187

and write, call your representatives. We need American Names on the Petition. You have been silent too long. But it is not too late. Prayers without Action without synergy, how can you justify yourselves before God?