07 December 2007

We Must Fight For Serbia

December 06, 2007
„Before or after that is the question“?
During the negotiations „over future status of Kosovo and Metohia“, about this artificial created topic and by force imposed from side of world powers, because that status is well known to all , recognized and defined in many international law documents, conferences, charters, resolutions e ct., they have been heard many discrepancies. So, Problem of Kosovo and Metohia does not exist. That’s pseudo problem.Exists problem of Albanian (Shiptar) minority in Serbia, which truly should get their own solution on concepts of solving similar problems in all democratic countries in the world. No more, no less.
Our politicians and state top in Serbia, during last negotiations (and those in 2006. and this in 2007), more times they had announcement and statements for us, for citizens of this country , what are their intentions if the Albanian leaders from Kosovo and Metohia proclaim INDEPENDENCE OF KOSOVO . Those intentions, dressed in declarations and statements, are unlikely for one sovereign state. „We will not recognize“; „we will proclaim ineffectual “; „We will nullify the independence“; „we will fight with all legal and democratic instruments“; „We shall not send our army on Kosovo“ etc. All those and similar statements, encouragement, even – impel the Albanians to start with unilateral proclamations of Kosovo independence. It is obviously, that they have nothing to fear about. From state top places we hear often: „Serbia is not for the war“; „Serbia will not take place in war“. We agree that Serbia is not for war, but we have to say clearly that Serbia is for defense. And which other country shouldn’t be? In any case, anything we act „Day after“, will be fruitless, because that decision about independence of Kosovo will not be drown by the Shiptars nor from their mentors, who will recognize them immediately. Nobody and nowhere, unfortunately, have not told what Serbia should do„ Day before“of proclaims, as preventive, as serious warning or innuendo what could produce this decision. That will, maybe, prevent proclamations of such unilateral and irrational decision, such as the competence of some people to recognize and uphold that decision.
And what is that what Serbia as a state should and have to do (figuratively spoken) „Day before“. There are a lot of things, but let we speak truly:
- Close the borders (administrative) of Kosovo and Metohia from Side of Kosovo to Serbia for tree days (for travelers , merchandise etc.).
- Call „Observer Mission “ for members of Shanghai group of states (China , Russia, India, Pakistan...).
- Call on mobilization all military tributaries from Serbia (under form of checking of competence, education) on tree days. (Show to all whom Serbia have for defense ).
- to organize military practice in regions very close to Kosovo and Metohia, with assisting of some observers from coalitions of Shanghai .
- call for mass protests in Belgrade and in the other places in Serbia(to realize how important Kosovo and Metohia is for Serbs). (And here our church should be engaged , to organize, to call, to help), etc.
With this we will act as a prevention, and that should influence on (un)responsible, before making decision of independence of Kosovo.
By eventual proclamation, all activities mentioned above, will be absurd and inefficient. „Better prevent this, than heal “. That also stands for here.

Bishop Artemije