11 February 2008

Orthodox Won't Acknowledge Kosovo Independence


Orthodox church won’t acknowledge Kosovo independence

10 February 2008 11:12 FOCUS News AgencyWashington.

The Orthodox Church of Kosovo wouldn’t acknowledge the independence of the province if it was declared unilaterally by Pristina and would remain loyal to Belgrade, Head of the Orthodox Church of the Serbian Province Bishop Rastko Artemije said in Washington, ITAR – TASS informs.‘Independence is not the only option for resolving the problem. The West appealed for a compromise to be found but capitulation was what was left to us to choose,’ Bishop Artemije declared.This is not the first visit of the cleric in the US, his purpose being to try to change American position on Kosovo. During his visits he said many times that the Serbians could not adopt the plan of Marti Ahtisaari which was supported by Washington. According to the bishop the independence declaration by Kosovo could lead to outburst of violence.© 2008 All rights reserved.