13 February 2008

Serbia will Declare Unilateral Independence of Kosovo Null and Void

Only Serbia can lay claim to Kosovo-Metohija
Belgrade, Feb 13, 2008 – Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica has called on Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija to remain in their houses, in their province and in their Serbia, noting that the decision of the Serbian government to annul the unilateral independence of Kosovo will be Serbia’s decision to, once and for all, reject a phoney state on its territory.
Kostunica told news agency Tanjug that the government’s decision to annul the unilateral independence of Kosovo is of historic importance, as it is Serbia’s decision to reject the existence of a phoney state on its territory once and for all. He noted that the Serbian government, immediately upon adopting this decision, will inform the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary-General that all illegal acts on the proclamation of unilateral independence have been annulled. The final word of our common state and national policy is that no one but Serbia can lay claim to the territory of Kosovo-Metohija. No policy of force can deprive Serbia of that right, nor can Serbia be forced by threats and blackmail to renounce Kosovo-Metohija, the Prime Minister stressed.According to Kostunica, in a situation where Serbia is jeopardised with threats that, under the leadership of convicted terrorists and under the patronage of the United States and the EU, the province will unilaterally declare independence, we must focus all our strength to constantly show at every step that Kosovo-Metohija is an inseparable part of Serbia. Our people in Kosovo-Metohija should remain in their houses, in their province and in their Serbia. For the government of Serbia, each man in Kosovo is an equal citizen of Serbia enjoying full rights and it is our obligation to do absolutely everything to provide normal living conditions for our people in the province, the Prime Minister said.