14 February 2008

A Time to Pray and Fast for Kosovo-Metohija and Serbia

Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2008 3:49 PM
Subject: Please pray and remember to fast for Kosovo/Metohija,

Please share this with others on behalf of the Serbian Orthodox Christians in Kosovo/Metohija...

A time to pray and to fast for Kosovo/Metohija....

Beloved In Christ our Lord,

May the great peace and love of our Lord God always be with you!

All of us have heard the news that either this Sunday or within a few weeks independence will be declared in Kosovo/Metohija with or without UN approval.

What is important for us all is indeed that we should offer our humble prayers and remember to fast when the church calls us to fast on Wednesday and Fridays. Several pious Orthodox Christians on their own are fasting at this time on a four day fast as well as offering prayers. Let us indeed fast and pray for Kosovo/Metohija! Please do so with faith for the love our God and His Church the Holy Orthodox Faith we all love!

Every afternoon at 2 pm I offer what we call in our Orthodox Church "The Supplication Service" as since I receive many request for prayers for general needs for both the living and the newly departed in the Lord. I again daily offer this supplication service for our beloved brothers and sisters in Kosovo/Metohija.

I would suggest that we all as well can do either an Akathist to Christ our Lord, or to the Mother of God on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Kosovo/Metohija. To find the Akathist to the Mother of God, and or an Akathist to our Sweetest Lord Jesus Christ do a search on the internet. Then again we can also pray to the Great Martyr Tsar Lazar, the Great Saint Sava, and St. Nektarios of Aegina for their loving intercessions.

Lets all face it beloved in Christ our Lord we know that their are those who do not love us and yet we are going to give our Christian love right back to those who continue to try to destroy or disrupt our pious pilgrimage to Paradise. We are of course in tears that peace and good will among all men within the region of Kosovo/Metohija has not been fully understood and that all people have not lived as brothers and sisters with love and concern for each other.

We as pious Orthodox Christians do not have the right to judge no one, but all we are simply asking is every living human being has the right to live as a free person, and to follow their faith even as Orthodox Christians in the region of Kosovo/Metohija do so on a daily basis within their homes, churches, and monasteries...they pray and they pray and they pray -they pray for you and those who do not love us!

It is crucially important that not one of us should have, spiritually, a heart of stone, let us then stop throwing stones! Stone hearts have no life, and are useless in the loving service of our Saviour Jesus Christ. We know well that there is no place for a hard heart in the Kingdom of God. We love all people even those who simply hate us and do not love us. In the Kingdom, in His paradise, is gentleness and humility and the love of Christ, who pities all mankind. We are after all a Christian faith and a religion that our love for you grows from day to day deep within our hearts and poor souls! We do not at one moment think of you as our enemies but as our dear friends who have lived together in throughout the region of Kosovo/Metohija in the past and desire this in the present.

We believe that Kosovo/Metohija is Serbia and Serbia it shall be at this time and forever more!

We simply desire that as Orthodox Christians to live in the same land you love Kosovo/Metohija and we desire that you enjoy the same beauty of the mountains and hills of this region. We desire to pray in our churches, and in our monasteries, as well as in our homes. We humbly ask you to stop destroying these places of our prayers for you and for the whole world, and we ask you to allow us to as well as rest in peace within our Orthodox cemeteries. Then again we want to walk the streets you walk and grow our crops you do to and finally we want to protect and preserve our families like you.

All Orthodox Christians also love Serbia and we love you who we stand with and walk together throughout this vast land that can be truly be a place of the creation of our God of true peace and good will among all men! Let us then begin the road of understanding that Kosovo/Metohija is your land and our land together! Stop the destruction before our eyes, and stop the hate in your hearts because we still love you as we to remind ourselves as Christians we judge no one, nor desire punishment or torments of no one, but only love!

It then is my earnest prayer the peace keeping troops within the region of Kosovo/Metohija do not abandon the Serbian population. Walk not away!

It then is my earnest prayer that the reconstruction of the countless destroyed Serbian Orthodox Churches and Monasteries be repaired and that further destruction in this regards cease at this hour! This well includes Serbian Orthodox Cemeteries also be repaired.

It then is my earnest prayer that all children be protected as well as their families and every living Serbian soul has the right to live in their own land!

It then is my earnest prayer that all Serbian citizens have the right to return back to their homeland all 250,000 of them who are Serbian!

It then is my earnest prayer that all missing Serbian men, women, and children be returned back to their families!

It then is my earnest prayer that we stop throwing stones at us even the children of the region who ride in buses or any Serbian citizen. Stop this hatred and put down your stones!

Peace begins with love and understanding one another.

Kosovo/Metohija is Serbia and will be forever!

Peace to your soul!

Humbly in Christ our Lord,
+Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
Who prays for you!