16 April 2009

Serb Organs Taken By Albanians

Kosovo Albanians tortured Serb civilians
Apr 10, 2009
Former camp prisoner said that the military wing of the Kosovo Albanian separatist government that has been recognized by some western states was involved in torturing civilians in order to sell their organs, reports BBC.

An ethnic Albanian, the former prisoner of the camp at Kukes, in northeastern Albania close to the border with the Serbian province of Kosovo, told the BBC that he witnessed the ethnic Albanian forces torture Serbs to extract their organs while they were claiming to the western press to be victims of an alleged genocide by Serbia.

The man’s testimony was made to the BBC under condition he remained unidentified because he fears that he and his family will be killed by other Albanians.

“His family are terrified for his life,” wrote the BBC of the ethnic Albanian witness who saw the organized separatist Albanian torture of Serbs.

This is the first testimony that the western media has directly linked the current Kosovo Albanian separatist government in this Serbian province with vice such as organ trade that ethnic Albanian separatist have been implicated in.

“Sources told the BBC that Kosovo Serbs… were among an estimated 2,000 who went missing,” wrote the BBC.

BBC wrote that the so-called prime minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, has denied the evidence of involvement in the organized organ trade of Serb bodies.

“Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, the former KLA political director, has rejected the allegations,” wrote the BBC.

Most Western powers have recognized the proclamation of independence that these allegedly organ trading ethnic Albanian leaders in Kosovo have made.

The Finnish diplomat Martti Ahtisaari wrote a UN-rejected plan that was seeking to force Serbia to accept a loss of its sovereignty and its territorial integrity.

“When a person is mistreated… he cries out ‘oh mother’ in his own language,” said the Albanian source who heard Serbs being tortured by the Kosovo separatist government forces.

The beatings of Serbs were done in the night.

“The nights were very quiet, so you could hear them crying out… while they were being beaten, or afterwards.” told the witness to the BBC.

Separatists in Kosovo have said that they will assist the EU investigation into the organ trade claiming that they are in no way implicated.

April 10, 2009

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